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  • Are You Lying to Yourself?!

    Are You Lying to Yourself?!

    More than Fitness... 2nd May 2022 MOVEMEN T NEWS BE GREAT TODAY Keeping you Inspired and Updated Monday Mindset Keep the Promises You Make To Yourself "It's not THAT big of a deal." "I can start TOMORROW." "It's only a LITTLE bit, it won't hurt." Have you ever said one of these phrases, or something similar to yourself? You know it's a LIE, but it makes you FEEL better in the moment. Chances are, if ....

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  • Summer Internship 2022

    Summer Internship 2022

    Are you interested in a career in fitness or sports performance? We are now accepting applications for our Summer Coaching Internship. This is 12 week unpaid internship is a real world experience that will allow you to grow and develop your coaching skills beyond the classroom. We offer a diverse coaching opportunity, working with our Sport Performance Training as well as Private and Semi Private Personal Training. You will work with our team to develop your communication skills, coaching technical aspects of training and understand programming for clients from age 10 – 75. If you are or know someone that is in an Exercise Science, Kinesiology or related field, this is a ....

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  • Start with Why + Goals

    Start with Why + Goals

    Click the Link Below to Download your Start with Why Planner https://movementfitnessrockford.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/372/2022/01/Start-With-WHY.png ....

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  • Light


    “Are you always this way?” This is a question I get often. Especially at 5:30 am when I am dancing around (loose term ;)) and getting people pumped up to train. I try to choose to live a positive life. I lean towards believing the best in people and myself. It’s not easy. It is not “natural” for me. I’ve seen enough crap and bad things that I could get caught up in being cynical. BUT. That’s not the way I want to live. I have also seen a tremendous amount of good that inspires and drives me to want the best. We receive messages everyday. Most of the time I see people surviving there lives. 3 Years ago, I made decision to ....

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  • Listen. Do. Succeed.

    Listen. Do. Succeed.

    Hire a coach. Listen to what they say. Do what they say. Succeed. Period. Sometimes we get wrapped up in not wanting to look like we don’t know what we are doing. I get that. I believe in coaching. I do it for a living. Funny thing, I have a coach. My business and my productivity have increased dramatically since I started listening to what he says. He’s not a rocket scientist. He’s Frank. Literally and Figuratively. If you have something you want to be successful at, find someone you respect. Pay them money. Listen to what they say. Do what they say. Succeed. This is not a plug to come train with me. If you want to do that, great. ....

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  • Daily Routine

    Daily Routine

    I stopped. Not sure how or why. But I stopped. I got out of my routine. I haven’t written in about 2 weeks. Yes, things have been busy. Life has been crazy. But, that is the exact time we need the routine more than anything. We often think of a routine as a “boring” aspect of life. But, for me, I have been a routine kinda guy. When I was losing weight, I had a routine. When I was an athlete or bodybuilding, I had a routine. It was structured, relatively organized and prioritized. Often, people come to us when they are in a rut. They are looking to break up their bad habits, build newer positive ones and get traction to move forward. I was ....

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  • Write It Down

    Write It Down

    The first thing we talk to nutrition clients about is our “All in Plan” sheet. It has to dow with goals, behavioral action steps and what to do when you get off track. Most people look at me like I have a third eye. “Where is the “plan?” That is the start of the plan. I was listening and reading to some things that really drove me to think about this process for me. A Harvard MBA study proved the power of writing down goals. It goes like this. The result of the study was only 3 percent of the students had written goals and plans to accomplish them, 13 percent had goals in their minds but haven’t written them anywhere and 84 percent had no ....

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  • The Hardest Thing.

    The Hardest Thing.

    When you have a dream, often, the hardest thing is to get “through” the rest of your life to fulfill the dream. When I worked for Merck, I couldn’t wait to open up Movement Fitness. It was dream that I had. Unfortunately, from the time of dream conception to opening, the time frame was 4 years. I mean for real. There were some REALLY tough days. The “I hate my job can’t wait to pursue my passion” days. The “My dream will never happen” days. The “How is this going to work out” days. There was constantly a range of emotions for me. I saw a quote from TD Jakes this week that was forwarded by Todd Durkin. ....

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  • Laser Like Focus

    “The Sun provides the earth with billions of kilowatts of energy, yet if you stand in it for an hour, the worst you will get is a little sunburn. On the other hand, a few watts of energy focused one direction is all a laser beam need to cut through diamonds.” Al Ries, Focus. I read this last night and thought, WOW! So simple, yet so true. When we start to make a change in our lives, we often think we need a massive overhaul. Whether its: Weight Loss. Getting better at your job. Growing a company. Managing a budget. Often, we think, ‘I need to overhaul everything…Tomorrow.’ I believe in change that occurs progressively over time. The ....

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  • GO!


    I grew up with the mentality that if you couldn’t do something 100% or finish it, you didn’t do it. For a long time, this plagued me and stifled my productivity. I had a long conversation yesterday with a friend about “making things look easy” and doing things well. They asked if it was always easy for me to do what I’m doing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’m not laughing at my friend, the problem is, they have never seen behind the curtain. They have never seen that the “Great and Powerful Oz” is really just a guy. They haven’t seen my failures, challenges and trials. 6 months ago, I set out to write this super powerful ....

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