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  • 7 Keys to Being Fit Over 40

    7 Keys to Being Fit Over 40

    Register Here! 🪄 We live in a world of HACKS and SHORTCUTS. We are looking for the quick fix. Here’s the unappealing truth. ⚒️Consistency Wins. Showing up consistently, putting in good work and doing the right things MOST of the time is the way to win. Yesterday, we talked at our team meeting about the importance of consistency. Coach Scott led our discussion and this phrase was really rang true. We believe that HABITS are the ultimate way to achieve results. 🛑If we would stop focusing on RESULTS and focus more on the process, the things we can control, we would have way more success. 💯So, if you are an adult that is approaching 40 or beyond and ....

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  • Why Train Female Athletes?!

    Why Train Female Athletes?!

    In August of 2015, I received a call from a physical therapist that was looking for training for an athlete. She was a 14 year old soccer player was coming off an ACL tear. She was 4 months post op and ready for more. By the way, he said "she's a goalkeeper, 5'5" and was looking to play D1." We opened up Movement Fitness as a place to train athletes, but I'll be honest, I was more looking for the 15-18 year old bros that wanted to play football, baseball and basketball. That's who I had been and what I knew. Well, when you open a business without anyone really knowing who you are, you take EVERY opportunity you can get. So I dug in HARD to the science and training protocols for ....

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  • Maximizing Athlete's Performance: Hydration Education

    Maximizing Athlete's Performance: Hydration Education

    Hydration Education Video Dehydration is the #1 Cause of Performance Decreases for Athlete's on the field & court or the Classroom! Making sure your athlete is hydrated is a HUGE marker of success. This quick video was taken from our Athlete Nutrition Seminar. ....

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  • Athlete's: 3 Keys to Reducing Your Risk of An ACL Injury

    Athlete's: 3 Keys to Reducing Your Risk of An ACL Injury

    CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO NOW! ACL Injuries are a SIGNIFICANT injury to any athlete. The rehabilitation is a 12 month process to get back to "where they were" and start making progress again. The appropriate training plan can reduce the risk of athletes getting hurt by up to 85%. This proactive work not only reduces the risk of injury, but it improves performance at the same time. In this video, CoachKeg walks you through the 3 Keys to Reduce Your Risk of an ACL Injury, specifically when it comes to landing from jumps and stopping/ changing direction. ....

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  • The Top 3?? Deadly Mental Sins for Athletes

    The Top 3?? Deadly Mental Sins for Athletes

    🧠 The mind is a powerful place and in terms of athletic (& academic) performance, where the mind goes the body follows. These are the 3 things that take athletes down mentally. 1️⃣ Striving for Perfection. ▪️ Trying to be perfect seems well intentioned, but it is actually a mental weakness, not strength. ▪️ It makes athletes afraid to take chances, because if they DON’T succeed, then they won’t be “perfect.” ▪️ This mentality will stunts growth and will prevent athletes from overcoming the obstacles and challenges that they need in order to reach their TRUE potential. 2️⃣ Live in the Disease of Don’t ▪️ Don’t is ....

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  • 5 Things EVERY High School Athlete Needs to Know

    🚨 FREE 🎥 Series🚨 5️⃣ Things EVERY High School Athlete Needs to Know Coaching athletes to reach their full potential requires more than just practice, competition and lifting some weights. 🏃🏼‍♀️While these foundational concepts are important, they are not the only things that matter when training high school athletes. 📣 The most comprehensive coaches work to develop more than just athletic skills, they work to build habits that will stick for life. ‼️ It is IMPORTANT to go deeper than just the physical 🎥 This video series was designed for to teach athletes, parents and coaches what a wholistic approach ....

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  • Controlling Your APE?!?

    Our Mission Build Physically and Mentally Resilient Athlete's through the 4 Pillars of Performance. Mindset | Movement | Fuel | Recovery Nutrition: What & When to Eat Before Games "What should I eat before a game/ practice/ training?" This is a question we get ALL the time. The goal is to eat carbohydrates for some energy with protein. The closer we get to the event, the less fat we want to eat because fat will slow down digestion and that is not good around physical activity. Also, as we get closer to activity, we reduce the amount of calories consumed, so we don't get a feeling of a heavy gut, or honestly, ....

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