According to the book Think Like a Freak, these  are the 3 most dangerous words known to man.

I listened to a podcast this morning with Mike Boyle this morning.

Mike is a guy that has HEAVILY influenced my thought process around training.

Both for Athletes and Non Athletes.

The thing I like about him the most is that he changes his mind.

He is one of the most well known strength coaches in the world.

People Love Him.

People Hate Him.

Some tune him out because he questions the status quo and created a philosophy that is based on constant improvement.

What a concept.

A significant number of people give him crap because he has written numerous books and articles and sometimes, the things he writes in the new book differ from the old book.

He attributes this to something he calls Learning.

It’s amazing.

A public figure that isn’t afraid to say he was wrong.

The funny thing is, he admits to being wrong, when he is proven so.

Then, he corrects his path, program or whatever, to align with the new thing.

Because he has a REAL interest in being right, he is not afraid to be wrong.

Sometimes, I struggle with this.

My wife probably read the first 3 words and probably can’t believe I wrote them.

I have a tough time admitting I am wrong in a lot of ways.

I do want to be right.

I don’t want to look like an idiot.

I want to be an expert, a resource or a guide. (not like a fake “EXPERT”, but really be outstanding in all areas)

I have dramatically increased the amount of reading I have done this year.

I also listen to a ton of podcast’s and TED talks.

If you aren’t doing that, you are missing out on some real gold!

Like life changing gold.

But here is the thing.

If you are listening, reading or watching something, there is a real opportunity you could learn you have been doing something wrong the whole time.

That is a dangerous thought.

It scares a lot of people.

But, if you want to be great, you have to be willing to fail.

We’ve talked about that before.

Being wrong/ doing the wrong thing isn’t the worst thing.

Knowing you’re wrong/ continuing to do the wrong this is the worst.

You know it’s wrong, yet you continue to do it.

That takes ego of an epic proportion.

So, I am working to drop the ego, embrace my faults, continue to develop my strengths.

And when I’m wrong.

I am going to admit it.