There are 3 Enemies of Us All.

1.  Interruptions

2.  Distractions

3.  Procrastination

Interruptions make us lose our focus and move us from our agenda to someone else’s.

Distractions are squirrels.  While it’s cute we have given it a nickname, it is robbing us of our time with our kids, productivity at work and keeps us from getting things done that we want to.  This is where “I don’t have time comes it.”

Procrastination is tough. I’ll talk about that later.

Just kidding, putting things off will generally kill the ideas, hopes, dreams and work we want to accomplish.  I will get to it later will prevent you from doing so much that it may ultimately change or shape your life.

To combat this, You need to apply the truth of diminishing intent.

Ready for this?

If it comes to your heart, you must apply it within 48 hours.

Don’t wait.  Get started.  Stop Procrastinating.

Bryan Dodge wrote about these concepts and talked to our group yesterday about them.

We often think getting “ahead” in life, or achieving our goals requires BIG, Massive Action.

Sometimes it does.

But if you truly want to be happy, begin to work on eliminating the enemies.

Stop allowing things to interrupt your life that aren’t important.  (Yes, I know interruptions happen that we can’t control, control the ones you can. The ding of the phone maybe?) 🙂

Take away the distractions that rob you of productivity.  When I work on blogs, creating content or thinking about the future, I leave my normal environments typically.   This takes me away from the temptation to do the mundane things, that will ALWAYS be there, that will prevent me from growing as a Husband, Father, Coach, Business Owner…

Lastly, don’t put it off.

You might be afraid,

Go anyway.

It might seem to big.

Take the first step.

You might not know what to do.

Do something.

Move in the direction of your goals.

Do something every single day.

Don’t Quit.