Are you an athlete that is transitioning back to sports after an injury or physical therapy?

Are you an adult that has a nagging injury that keeps you from moving the way you want or keeps you from working out?

Our Recovery Zone is designed to help you move well, build confidence as you move back to sports or get rid of those annoying injuries that keep you from being your best.

Whether it is an assisted stretching session with our Board Certified Athletic Training Mason Chockley, a personal return to sport program following an injury or sitting in our pneumatic boots to reduce soreness and fatigue, we have you covered.

We provide you with the newest techniques and technology to reduce muscle soreness, improve range of motion, mobility and flexibility, while reducing the risk of future injury.

From our Rapid Reboot Pneumatic to boost Circulation, eliminate soreness, and accelerate your muscle recovery with the most efficient compression massage to Pulse FX percussion massage gun and manual techniques, we can help you move well and reduce risk of injury.

Give us a call today to schedule your recovery session.

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