Dancing with the Rockford Stars.

1.  I am not a star.

2.  I don’t Dance

3.  I am from Rockford

Meatloaf said 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

I don’t think he had this in mind!

Last night, Theresa and I took our first lessons as apart of Dancing with the Rockford Stars.

You all.

It was a sight.

It was challenging.

It was frustrating.

It is hard to be the only one in the room that didn’t know how to do something.

I am going to have to learn a lot!

But here’s the rub.

I have been working on continually developing a Growth Mindset as written by Dr. Carol Dweck in her book Mindset. (read if you have not!)

Dancing is not something I grew up with.

It is “not natural” to me. (and apparent to everyone else in the room last night!)

The easy answer would be to say that ‘I am not a dancer,’ turn down the opportunity and move on.

But, then I would be a fraud.

I teach people new things all day.

To me, most of them are easy, because I have spent a lot of time working on moves here at the facility.

When I teach something new, a lot of people think, I will never be able to do that.

Then, I say something like, you can do it.

They do it, it’s not so pretty at first, but then they grow, get better and eventually master it!

It was good to be on the opposite end of that lesson.

It was humbling, but also incredibly encouraging.

I know that Theresa and I won’t be the best when Dancing with the Rockford Stars happens on November 18th.

But I can tell you a couple things.

1.  I am going to grow from this opportunity.

2.  We are going to raise a ton of money for a great cause.

3.  I am going to get to experience this with my wife!

4.  We are going to have a hell of a good time doing it!

It doesn’t matter if we win.

I don’t say that to crumble from the challenge.

I say that because I am interested in growing.

This challenge presents an opportunity for me to grow in a way I wouldn’t normally and that in and of itself is good.

And honestly, if it all goes south, I am just gonna twerk the hell out of it and entertain…

Here’s to new things.