“Cultivate the attitude of being grateful.”  -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Last week was a VERY long week.

We had multiple trainers out.

One on a honeymoon.

One on a family emergency.

I trained a significant amount of hours.

But, an amazing thing happened.

It made me grateful.

Grateful for the amazing people that help make Movement Fitness what it is.

Grateful for Trevor.

Grateful for Jen.

SUPER Grateful for my amazing, talented and smoking HOT wife Theresa!

(for real, she’s the best.  And super Beautiful.  I married WAY Up!)

I LOVE training clients.

I love the connection it provides.

I love the change that it brings not only inside the gym, but what it develops outside.

I love to see progress.

But, I am human.

So yesterday, with both Trevor and Jen back at Movement, I was so happy.

I love our team.

I am grateful for them.

Not just because we “work” together.

But, because we do life with them.

We know who they are and work to get better ourselves every single day.

Tough times can be a great lesson in gratitude.

It helps provide us with perspective.

It helps us to see what is really important.

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude is an act.

You can build it like a muscle.

Starting/ Having a Morning routine can help you cultivate a grateful attitude.

1.  Take 2-3 Minutes Each Morning to write down the things you are grateful for.

(People, events, moments, lessons learned.)

2.  Actually tell people you are grateful for them.

(Send a note, text, call them or tell them in person.)

3.  Use “Negative” experiences to show you what you re truly grateful for.

4.  Choose to be grateful.

This isn’t a fake kind of thing.

Somedays stink.

Some weeks are long.

Things don’t go our way.

Sometimes gratitude comes later.

But, if you focus on the good and not the negative, then you can reframe your mind.

Learning everyday to renew your mind and heart is critical to grow.

Otherwise you stay stagnant.

You get focused on the bad.



Be Grateful.