The thing that is holding you back from achieving what you want most is fear. You’re afraid you’re either going to fail, afraid of what other people are gonna think of you, afraid to step out and take a risk because it might not go well.  In reality though, if you don’t take a risk you’re already going to fail.

If you have something that you truly want to accomplish it’s time to get after it.
Here’s what will happen when you start to go after the things that you want. There will be a burst of excitement and creativity.  You will be inspired, motivated, dedicated and on fire for achieving the thing that you want.

Ultimately, following that you will have some sort of let down. It won’t go exactly the way you wanted to. Your plan will change and that will create doubt and fear within you. If you let that fear and doubt drive you, you will never accomplish the things that you want to accomplish. Anything that is truly important to you Will require you to step out past your fear and start going after it.

The truth is that you will fall short along the way. You’re not going to hit 100% of your goals all the time.  But that failure doesn’t mean that you’re going to lose. Falling short of the goal provides us with the opportunity to correct and refine our path. The process is way more important then the end result. If you continue to move down the path towards your goal you will have the opportunity to learn, refine, change, develop, correct, and achieve the things that you want.
In fact if you go down the path you’re probably going to change significantly.

Follow the process.

The process of achieving your potential is difficult, but it’s not impossible. Focus less on the end result and more on the path.  Take one step at a time each day towards your desired goal. If you do that you will quickly find yourself significantly better than you were previously. And you will have a chance to achieve the things that you want.