“You should do the tango and I have the perfect song for you.  Set fire to the Rain, by Adele.”

This is what Stan said to us last week when we had our first, VERY BASIC, dance lesson for Dancing with the Rockford Stars.

We thought, ok, sounds great.

They thought we could do it and so that was the direction we were going.

But, after a week of thinking, we wanted to do something that was fun, upbeat and if all else fails, allows us to shake our best ASSet’s.

Set Fire to the Rain is a great song, but if you know Theresa and I, that’s not really our jam.

We need upbeat, fun and some booty shaking music.

So, we presented the idea yesterday to our dance instructor Pedro, at Arthur Murray, that we wanted to dance to “Hips Don’t Lie,” by Shakira.

I think it fits us well.

The tango was out, because that song is NOT for the tango.

He said we could probably do the Samba.

He also said it was going to be much harder to learn.

We were going to have to practice…


I don’t know if he gets our kind of humor and attitude yet.

He will…

The point is, sometimes, we have expectations that are thrown on us by other people.

They could be well intentioned, as Stan was.

Sometimes, expectations are thrust on upon us and they are not well meaning.

They don’t serve OUR purpose.

They serve someone else’s.

It could be an anything from how we look, where we go to school, to the job we take.

Other people will always have an opinion of what is “PERFECT” for us.

You have to do things your way.

Don’t let someone else dictate the direction of your life.

Having good mentor’s and life counselor’s is a wise choice.

Their help can keep us from making mistakes or point us in a better direction.

I’m not talking about being a lone ranger.

Listen to the advice of those you trust.

But at the end of the day, you are the one that is living your life.

You are the one that has uniques skills, abilities and talents.

Not them.

You will have to answer for the way you live.

Not them.

You have to be happy in YOUR skin.

Not theirs.

Sometimes, the directions we take might lead to a more difficult route.

Sometimes, it might cause us to fail.

Don’t be afraid of that.

Don’t allow someone else’s expectations to ruin or run your life.

Failure is not the worst thing in the world.

It can be a good thing.

It has great lessons to teach us.

It can help you walk a better path; in your direction.

It can help you live life, Your Way.