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The Top 3?? Deadly Mental Sins for Athletes

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The Top 3?? Deadly Mental Sins for Athletes

🧠 The mind is a powerful place and in terms of athletic (& academic) performance, where the mind goes the body follows.


These are the 3 things that take athletes down mentally.


1️⃣ Striving for Perfection.

 ▪️Trying to be perfect seems well intentioned, but it is actually a mental weakness, not strength. 

 ▪️It makes athletes afraid to take chances, because if they DON’T succeed, then they won’t be “perfect.” 

 ▪️This mentality will stunts growth and will prevent athletes from overcoming the obstacles and challenges that they need in order to reach their TRUE potential.

2️⃣ Live in the Disease of Don’t


▪️Don’t is the enemy of High Performance.

 ‘Don’t make the same mistake this time…’

 ‘Don’t swing at a ball over your head…’

 ‘Don’t be lazy…’


▪️ These all seem like well intentioned coaching/ parenting cues, but instead we are actually DRIVING them towards the behavior we “DON’T” want. 


▪️Using the phrase Don’t can cause anxiety or fear, or increase the likelihood they will ACTUALLY do the thing you DON’T want them to do.

3️⃣ Focus on Failure


▪️An athlete could do 99 things right, but most of the time, we will focus on the 1 thing that went wrong.


▪️Focusing on failure is a sure fire way to decrease performance and increase anxiety.


▪️The goal is to learn from a mistake and move forward.


▪️Athletes would be better off focusing on the things they did right, rather than on what they did wrong.


Our goal is to get out of the negative, focus on the present moment and decide on 1 action we can take right now to get us on track for success. 


Let me know your thoughts on this…





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