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“The Sun provides the earth with billions of kilowatts of energy, yet if you stand in it for an hour, the worst you will get is a little sunburn. On the other hand, a few watts of energy focused one direction is all a laser beam need to cut through diamonds.” Al Ries, Focus.

I read this last night and thought, WOW!

So simple, yet so true.

When we start to make a change in our lives, we often think we need a massive overhaul.

Whether its:

Weight Loss.

Getting better at your job.

Growing a company.

Managing a budget.

Often, we think, ‘I need to overhaul everything…Tomorrow.’

I believe in change that occurs progressively over time.

The “Everything changes tomorrow, (or worse) January 1st diet” rarely succeeds.

If we wait for massive amounts of new income to come our way, we will never get out of debt.

Rather, taking small steps every single day make a tremendous difference.

The problem is, we lack the focus and the patience to truly make the change.

I have been working with a “Mastermind” group for our business.

I have been amazed at the productivity increases it has provided me.

The truth is, there is very little that I didn’t already know.

It’s often not about adding more.

It’s about subtracting.

Take away all the things that don’t matter.

When looking at weight loss, it is not complicated.

Getting out of debt is not complicated.

They are both, not easy though.

It requires discipline.

The willingness to stay on the same path for extended periods of time.

Rid yourself of all the things that don’t matter.

When you create a laser like focus on what truly matters, the immaterial goes away.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

That sounds great in theory, but I have kids, a job, a dog, a husband, wife…….

My life can be complicated.

There are times we have to do things we don’t like.

Wayne Cotton calls this RED TAPE.

We all have to pay bills, schedule events, generally, do stuff that we don’t like.

I know.

Schedule it.

Plan it out.

Don’t put it off.

When you know what your priorities are, create a laser like focus towards them, the other stuff falls into place or falls away.

Wanna lose weight, eat good food.

That means you’re going to have to plan.

Prep some meals, know what your schedule looks like, where are potential pitfalls and how can you avoid them.

What are your triggers that set you on a chocoholic binge?

Know them and work to prevent them.

Be disciplined.

Laser like focus.

Wanna get out of debt.

Evaluate your bills.

Cut discretionary spending.

Build an emergency account.

Pay off the small bills first.

Once that’s done, combine that payment with the next bill and pay that until paid off.

It’s called the debt snowball.

It works.

It’s not complicated, but it’s not easy.


Know what your priorities are.

Create a laser like focus towards them.

Cut away all the other parts that don’t add value.

Then, you can have a finish like a diamond.

Except, you are worth more.

Be Great Today!

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