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The Hardest Thing.

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The Hardest Thing.

When you have a dream, often, the hardest thing is to get “through” the rest of your life to fulfill the dream.

When I worked for Merck, I couldn’t wait to open up Movement Fitness.

It was dream that I had.

Unfortunately, from the time of dream conception to opening, the time frame was 4 years.

I mean for real.

There were some REALLY tough days.

The “I hate my job can’t wait to pursue my passion” days.

The “My dream will never happen” days.

The “How is this going to work out” days.

There was constantly a range of emotions for me.

I saw a quote from TD Jakes this week that was forwarded by Todd Durkin.

It’s this.

“He who is to be great anywhere, must first be great where he is at.”

This is tough.

I had to continue working for another company, without a significant amount of overlap into my passion for YEARS!

There were some really hard days.

But, in the midst of that, I worked hard.

So hard in fact, 1 month before I quit, I earned a trip to Cancun for making the Vice Presidents Club!

It was quite the honor.

My work partner and I worked hard to get there.

In that, I learned a lot.

Even though I wasn’t working on “fitness” skills, I was working on life skills.

I was consistently trying to get better.

Listenting to Books, Podcasts, reading, taking continuing education courses…etc.

All of those things have helped me in my role at Movement Fitness.

My experience at other places has helped me learn how to:

Manage People

How not to manage people

Sustained Effort brings success

Hard Work will set you apart

The little things matter

Get up in the morning, put in the work and be satisfied at night.

If you have a dream, you should pursue it.

But not at the cost of doing a crappy job where you are.

You have so much to learn and offer those where you are today.

Even if it doesn’t make sense.

Even if you don’t want to.

Be great at what you are doing today.

It will correlate into the future.

It will help define an attitude that will serve you well.

How you do one thing is how you do everything.

Do it well.

Be Great Today!

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