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Daily Routine

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Daily Routine

I stopped.

Not sure how or why.

But I stopped.

I got out of my routine.

I haven’t written in about 2 weeks.

Yes, things have been busy.

Life has been crazy.

But, that is the exact time we need the routine more than anything.

We often think of a routine as a “boring” aspect of life.

But, for me, I have been a routine kinda guy.

When I was losing weight, I had a routine.

When I was an athlete or bodybuilding, I had a routine.

It was structured, relatively organized and prioritized.

Often, people come to us when they are in a rut.

They are looking to break up their bad habits, build newer positive ones and get traction to move forward.

I was listenting to a book this weekend about just that.

Oddly enough, it’s called Traction.

This book is business oriented, but the overall truth behind the book is about setting up a system and then following through on it.

When we get into “ruts” we break our routine.

Priorities in life are important.

If you don’t know what yours are, then you are destined to go in circles, searching for the next “thing” that will help you.

We look at successful people, in whatever they are good at (business, health and wellness, family, etc.) and think, if I could just be like them.

You can.

I can.

We just need to know our priorities.

Recently, I have felt pulled in many different directions.

I feel a heavy sense of responsibility.

It has always been there.

But, I have become a little bit rudderless.

I feel like a nascar driver, circling the track but not really going anywhere.

Well, I’m tired of it.

So, I am going to get back on the wagon.

Understanding my purpose is step one.

Making the priorities the FIRST things I do is important.

If I try to “fit” things in, then nothing gets accomplished.

For me, I need to go to bed at a certain time.

If not, then I get tired and my productivity suffers for the end of the week, hoping to catch up on the weekend.

Then my family suffers because they don’t get the best of me.

I need to wake up at a certain time, put the damn phone down and get going on the important things.

If I don’t do that, then I miss writing like this.

Then I don’t get the release of thoughts and ideas that are so crucial for me.

I don’t read, which makes me feel stagnant.

They, I get into the same old “ruts”.

I need to prioritize my workouts, because contrary to popular belief, owning a gym doesn’t “make it easier” to workout “whenever i want’

It makes it harder.

Because I look around at all the things I “need” to do.

I have to block my time.

So, I’m sorry.

Not to you.

To me.

Not writing has been difficult.

Because then I feel burdened when people ask, why haven’t you written.

I don’t do it for you.

I do it for me.

Publishing it is a habit that forces me to do it.

So, thanks for asking where they have been.

It makes me do the important things in my life.

Talk to you soon.


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