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I was on a call with some like minded business people on Tuesday.

We were talking about ways to get better, grow business, have a greater impact.

This phrase came up that really rocked me.

Learn Less.


Master More.

I am often guilty of trying to do too much.

I like to “Figure it out.:

Sometimes that is a good thing.

But, I am learning now that rather than Learning More, I need to learn less.

I need to focus on mastering.

I need to prioritize the important, and, as much as possible, get rid of all the garbage that clutters my life.

I often want to show people that I am smart.

That I am “special”.

I can be everything to everyone.



In building a business, I want to build a specific reputation.

But, as much as I want to be “special” or “different”, I can only do so much with my time, energy and resources.

I have been learning recently, that I need to master a few things.

I want to be a better leader.

So, we joined a group that helps us grow and develop our business.

It has been revolutionary to me the simplicity with which some amazing people operate.

The difference between me and them is, they have better focus.

They know how to widdle away all the things that don’t matter.

They are like master sculptors.

The clay doesn’t get better by adding, it gets better by subtracting.

Master sculptors focus.

They take specific, intentional actions that allow their art to be beautiful.

The same is true for great business owners, husbands, wives, friends, athletes…

The get rid of the non priorities.

They focus and master.

They Achieve their goals.

I have done this before.

Whether it was losing 100 pounds or preparing for a bodybuilding competition, I mastered some specific actions.

I focused on what was important.

I got rid of all the things that didn’t matter.

When you establish priorities and timelines, it is amazing what can get done.

Each week for the last month and a half, I have changed my Sunday routine.

Instead of aimlessly thinking about how I was going to get better, I have now started creating lists.

What are the 5 Things that need to get done this week.

Not 100.

Not 20.


What are my TRUE priorities this week.

I figure that out.

A mix of personal and professional.

I give these items details and focus my days around the weekly priorities that I have.

This has DRAMATICALLY changed my productivity.

I get more done.

Because I am looking through the lens of what is really important.

If it is not on the list, it better be a fire drill.

Oh, and that is the point.

Create less fire drills.

Prioritize the important, set up my week off of that and then move forward accordingly.

Instead of trying to create 10 programs that need to get done (but none of them do), I focus on 1 or 2 and finish them.

Instead of trying to be super dad, I create spots where I can show up, be present and have valuable time with my kids.

(Also, having Wonder Woman as a Wife certainly helps there!)

I now read books on specific topics that are important to me, not get lost in the shiny new thing just because it looks good.

If it doesn’t match my priorities, I am deleting it.

I don’t want to get to the point where I am a jack of all trades master of none.

I want to master a few things, lead well (both at home and work).

Admit where I am lacking.

Allow others to lead those areas.

Be ok that I am not superman.

Nothing would be worse than me letting my ego and pride get in the way of developing a family and a business that could function and live better.

Let me do what I do best.

Master those skills and talents.

And get out of the way on the other things.

I need to learn less.

I need to master more.

Be Great Today!

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