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I grew up with the mentality that if you couldn’t do something 100% or finish it, you didn’t do it.

For a long time, this plagued me and stifled my productivity.

I had a long conversation yesterday with a friend about “making things look easy” and doing things well.

They asked if it was always easy for me to do what I’m doing.


I’m not laughing at my friend, the problem is, they have never seen behind the curtain.

They have never seen that the “Great and Powerful Oz” is really just a guy.

They haven’t seen my failures, challenges and trials.

6 months ago, I set out to write this super powerful blog.

I wanted to gain TONS of followers and make HUGE impact with it.

Honestly, because I was trying to come up with “super creative” stuff, the blog was awful.

I didn’t read it.

Now, i changed my focus.

Really, I’m just documenting the things I’m learning in a public format.

Here is what I have learned.

Everyone wants real.

Everyone wants to feel inspired.

To feel like they can do it too.

So, if you have something you want to do.




Here’s what I know.

You won’t complete it today.

If you could, it’s likely not big enough.

A weight loss journey starts with one decision, one meal, one exercise session.

A journey to a new fulfilling career starts by pursuing the steps necessary to getting that career.

Not sitting around waiting for the job fairy to hit you on the head with a magic wand.

Figure out what you really want to do.


Then start taking one step.

Don’t get frustrated.

Follow the Process.

Keep Moving Forward.

Losing 1.5 lbs a week doesn’t sound super sexy.

You know what is?

40 lbs in less than 6 months.

I spent years.


Following continuing education, preparing myself and developing to open Movement Fitness.

Processes, Systems, Training, Marketing.

All of that takes time.

But, once I made the decision, I kept moving towards it.

You are going to get discouraged along the way.

It’s part of the process.

f you don’t, then I think there is a lack of urgency and passion.

When you start, you will write, post stuff, talk about things that may be uncomfortable or difficult.

Keep going.

You will get better.

You’ll look back in 6 months and say, “that blog I wrote was awful.”


You’re learning.

But you started.

Don’t wait until you master something to go after it!

Start today, be genuine and authentic and keep growing.

Your journey may take less time than mine.

Thats great.

Your journey may take more time than mine.

Keep Going.

Follow our Facebook page for daily inspiration.

Find others that inspire and motivate you along the way.

Renew your commitment everyday.

Learn and grow everyday.

Don’t take steps backward.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

The thing you are pursuing won’t be either.

But. (BIG BUT)

If you keep going, it WILL get built.

It WILL happen.

You WILL be great.

Just get started.

Be Great Today!

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