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August 2019

Speed: How to LEARN to be FASTER


Speed is one of the single most important elements of sport.  Honestly, have you ever watched a game or match where an athlete was CLEARLY faster than their opponent? It often looks unfair.  A basketball player that blows by a defender off the dribble, a wide receiver blowing by a cornerback for a touchdown, a [...]

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December 2017

It’s On You


Jocko Willink is my favorite. He was the Commander of Seal Team 3: Task Unit Bruiser in Ramadi, Iraq. The city was torn apart by the war and it was the epicenter of urban fighting. He needed to work with multiple teams across different branches of the military to bring order to the region. He [...]

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Fill the Jar


I’m sure this has never happened to you. Shoot.  I just wasted 20 minutes on Facebook. Now I’m gonna be late. I don’t have time to do my morning routine. I don’t have time for breakfast. TRAFFIC!  Ugh. Now I’m late for work. I forgot my lunch. Guess it’s fast food again. I’ll make up [...]

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Ready. FIRE. Aim.


This has become my new mantra. I Love it. Yesterday we talked about not waiting for the perfect time. We often let perfect become the enemy of great. We think we need to have everything lined up before we can take action. Truly though, if you want to make progress, you need to start. Ready [...]

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Planning Ahead


So my amazing wife bought me the 2018 Fit Pro Planner. It’s a GREAT tool. Yes it’s for “Fit Pro’s, but the principles apply to anyone. I started going through it yesterday and WOW! At first, it looked like a daunting task. Lots of questions and blank space. So I just started. I wasn’t sure [...]

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I’ve been “Busy”…


"So where have your blogs been?" It's a question I have received recently. My blog has been void of new stuff. Not intentionally. I didn't mean to. How did I get here? Ever said that? I started writing hard a few months ago. Ran with it for a month or so. It felt good. I was [...]

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November 2017

About This Weekend…


So, it's over. 2+ months worth of work. Good times, frustration, learning and growth. What an incredible event put on by Family Counseling Services this weekend at Giovanni's. We were blown away by your support, encouragement and cowbell ringing! This past few months have taught me a number of things. Here's what I learned. 1. [...]

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The REAL Reason We Train Athletes


Make them Faster, Stronger, Better, right? People like us talk a lot about helping prepare athletes for the field or court. We want to help your athlete be faster than the competition. We want them to avoid getting hurt and stay on the field or court longer. We want to help them stand out to [...]

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Athletes, What Do They Really Need?


I'm sure you have seen it. The super hard workouts with the 6' Box Jumps that make your eyes pop out of your head. Or the intense training style that leaves kids exhausted. It's Quite a Thing. Enough for more followers on YouTube and other Social Media. Have you ever thought, 'I want my kid [...]

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The Hardest Thing.


When you have a dream, often, the hardest thing is to get “through” the rest of your life to fulfill the dream. When I worked for Merck, I couldn’t wait to open up Movement Fitness. It was dream that I had. Unfortunately, from the time of dream conception to opening, the time frame was 4 [...]

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