In our current fitness world, there are generally a few choices a person can make in order to achieve their fitness goals.  From One on One personal training to Group Classes, there is a a big difference in how each person’s workout can look.

If you have ever been to a personal trainer, most likely, you have experienced a One on One atmosphere where the trainer is focused solely on you for an hour or so.  This type of training has been implemented across the world for decades.  Each person has an individualized plan, the dedicated attention of a certified trainer and the space to perform their program.  It can be a good option for many!  But there are a few drawbacks.  First, the schedule can be limited to the time frame of the trainer.  Not offering ideal or preferred times can be a huge frustration.  Second, the training takes place in a facility with other gym members, which takes away from the “Private” nature the One on One training is supposed to encourage.  Finally, the cost.  Paying on average between $50-60 per hour is incredibly expensive.  3 visits per week for a month add up to fees of over $600 per month, in addition to the gym membership for most!

Group Fitness Classes offer a different perspective.  They are filled with people.  The energy is high and for most, it feels great to be apart of something exciting.  You feel that sense of community even if you aren’t communicating with the people around you.  During the class, a ton of exercises are done and most walk out sweaty with their heart rate racing, feeling good.  Also, the cost is significantly lower than a personal trainer.  The downside of this is that there is no personal instruction.  Mostly, a teacher is encouraging continued movement throughout the whole class, whether or not that movement is any good.  Also, the size of the class can be intimidating for some.  If it’s in a confined space, many can feel claustrophobic.

Semi Private Personal Training on the other hand, looks to marry the benefits of both the One on One personal training and Group Fitness Classes.  So what is it?

1.  Each person receives their own personalized training program.  This allows each person to start where they are and progress as appropriate.

2.  Each person works there program in a small, semi private group, typically between 6-8 people per session.  This amount allows for a sense of community, while not packing a facility to make some feel claustrophobic.

3.  Each person receives the direction of a personal trainer for each training session.  Each client can feel comfortable that they are going to receive the instruction they need, while not having that awkward ‘Someone is watching me every second,’ feeling.

4.  The group has the opportunity to interact and communicate, leading to a greater sense of camaraderie and increases in goal achievement.

5.  Learning from more than one person.  The interaction between members can help each other grow and learn from a different perspective, rather than just from the instructor.

6. THE COST….  $13-17 per hour is significantly different than paying $50-60 per hour!

At Movement Fitness, we offer all three types of training.  The majority of our clients work in the semi private format to maximize results while keeping their investment level lower than others.  Find out more today at or call (815) 374-3200.