Make them Faster, Stronger, Better, right?

People like us talk a lot about helping prepare athletes for the field or court.

We want to help your athlete be faster than the competition.

We want them to avoid getting hurt and stay on the field or court longer.

We want to help them stand out to make the team, earn a starting spot, and stand out for recruiters.

All of that is true, BUT…

That’s not the REAL reason.

It’s simple.

Someone did it for me.

20 plus years ago, someone gave their time, energy and effort to help me be the best that I could be.

Coaches believed in me enough to sacrifice part of their lives to help me develop.

I became a better football, basketball and baseball player because of them.

But, I also learned lessons that still resonate with me today.

They taught me the VALUES of:

Hard Work

Setting Goals

Team work

Building a Plan of Action

Being Punctual

Self Sacrifice

Winning and Losing

and much more.

We want to do the same for others.

We believe that training is a tool.

We use it to challenge our athletes and ourselves.

It can show us what we are truly capable of.

No doubt about it, we focus on strategies that will translate to your athletes sport.

Parents, like you, invest their hard earned money to help their child.

We take that responsibility seriously.

But, maybe, just maybe, one of the lessons we teach them will help them down the road.

It might be on the basketball court, soccer field or somewhere else.

But, it also might be in the class room, dorm room or board room.

Many of the reasons Movement Fitness exists is because of one of my coaches.

This past week, I watched as 2 of our athletes signed letters of intent to play college sports.


They set goals, worked hard on the court and field.

They achieved great success.

They both also struggled, suffered significant injuries along the way.

They both came to Movement Fitness after those injuries.

They worked hard to recuperate and not only get back to playing, but playing at a higher level.

They both are going to receive significant financial scholarships to play sports in college.

Not only for their athletic achievements, but academic as well.

They are great kids.

It takes many people to help them achieve those things.

To think that we played a small part in their achieving a dream is humbling.

It’s also why we do what we do.

We want to help young athletes get better at their sport(s).

We also want to help them develop self confidence and belief that they can do great things.

We are dedicated to helping raise up a generation of kids that make an impact with their lives.

We believe that sports and training can help.

That is why we do what we do.

That is why we train.

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