Read and Write for 30 minutes a day

This was the advice I received from a significant number of people as a way to increase learning and grow as an individual.

At first, this seems like a lot, but after some practice this habit can provide significant benefit.

I started writing this blog in earnest a few weeks ago.

I used to think a blog was this massive undertaking, causing writing routines that weren’t practical.

It’s not.

Really, it is just a way for me to document the things I am learning everyday.

I used to get hung up on questions like,

“Will anyone read this?”

“Does anyone care what I have to say?”

But, I changed my focus.

I stopped worrying about how many people would read and started focusing on documenting the things that I am learning.

I started thinking about how my learning could help ONE person.

I started writing for YOU.

I switched from worrying about creating some “Amazing Content” to just writing about what I am reading and learning, each day.

It has helped me grow tremendously because it is my daily writing routine.

It has forced me to stop and think about what I learned yesterday.

Everyday, we have the opportunity to grow.

We often think of success in terms of BIG, giant steps.

Truthfully, growth and success happen from daily, consistent and specific actions.

Taking the time everyday to read (a book, article, blog…) allows for individual growth.

Stopping to write it down makes me think about what I just read.

The blog has become my “journal.”

I just share it.

Because our individual growth is not just for us.

It does us no good to learn more if we keep it to ourselves.

What good is getting smarter and becoming better if we don’t share it?

You don’t have to write a blog.

But, if you read everyday and then write down what you are learning, you can have a tremendous impact on this world.

You can become a better parent, husband, wife or partner.

You can help your friends, co-workers, and acquaintances.

The saying goes, ‘readers are leaders.’

We live in the information age, where almost anything is available to us.

But, knowledge by itself isn’t of much value.

We have to do something with it.

So, by gaining knowledge we can think better.

If we think better, we take action on those thoughts.

If we do that, we can start to take daily steps to making ourselves and our world a better place.

So, if you want to grow.