Someday’s you just don’t wanna.

“Not today,” you say.

You don’t wanna;

Get up.

Go to work.

Eat well.

Keep working hard towards a goal.

You just can’t.

Not Today.

Sometimes it happens.

You don’t feel like it.

BUT. (Watch out for the Big BUT!)

You have to.

You need to.

Deep down, you really want to.

We often get motivated to achieve a goal.

We feel:




I really didn’t want to take the time to write this today.

But I did.

I wasn’t motivated.

I did it anyway.

I’m tired, it’s been a long week.

But, I did it because I have created a habit.

We often wait for motivation or inspiration.

But, it can let us down.

Because there will be days it won’t come.

Motivation is great!

You have those moments where you are ready to conquer the world.

But sometimes it doesn’t wake up with you.

That’s why we build habits.

Motivation will get you started.

Habits will keep you going.

When you intentionally set up your life, you will continue to pursue the things that are important to you.

When you set up a morning routine, you will be less likely to fall off the wagon.

When you prepare your food in advance, you are pre-determining your priorities.

When you determine when you will go to bed in advance, you set yourself up for tomorrow.

Live life intentionally.

I believe in motivation and habits.

I actually use a quote often to remind me that both need to be daily habits.

“They say motivation doesn’t last.  Well neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.”

Zig Ziglar said that.

It’s true because if you get motivated, you need to stay motivated.

Do it daily.

It’s true because if you do it daily, it becomes a habit.

If it becomes a habit, it will be much harder to stop once you get started.

If you do that, you will be more likely to continue pursuing your goals and priorities.

If you do that, then when you wake up and don’t feel like it, you will be less likely to stop your habit or routine.

You can then wake up and decide today will not be the day you break your streak.

You can look in the mirror and say confidently,

“Not Today.”