Busy doesn’t begin to describe you! 

Given all your responsibilities, prioritizing your goals can sometimes seem selfish.

Below, we’ll look at 5 Steps to help you take back control of your body that won’t wreck your schedule.

1.  Nutrition

Nutrition can be tricky.  Busy schedules and ongoing TO DO lists aren’t always our friend.  But with a few tweaks, you can be prepared to change your food.


  •        Schedule meals in advance as you can to reduce the amount of times you are forced to make less than ideal choices
  •        Know best options for quick meal choices
  •        Plan family dinners in advance to avoid carry out or delivery options.

Meal Prepping

  • 1-2 hours per week can change your eating habits
[CHECK OUT MEAL PREP 101: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hu_P0GVYeFY]
  • Use recipes that allow for mass production

Grilling: Chicken, Lean Beef, Turkey & Fish

Crockpot Chicken

Lean Soups

  • Cut veggies and fruits and package in advance to prepare for the week.
  • Put meals into containers for easy use at home or travel
  • Precook your protein.  This cut meal prep time in half in the evenings.

​All of this will allow you to setup your week better, while not controlling tons of time on the weekend.  This way you can start the week off right and begin to prepare for step number 2.

2.  Training

Getting into the shape you want doesn’t require hours upon hours of training.  A custom and specific program can have you getting back into the shape you desire in about 3-4 hours per week.  The best programs include the following:

  • Strength Training

Done well, it will not make you bulky.  Strength Training will actually help to increase your metabolism and and lean muscle mass, which helps to promote fat loss.

  • Metabolic Training

Some sort of High Intensity Training that helps you to increase your heart rate in short bursts can not only help your burn calories, but can change your metabolism over the course of the day.

  • Cardiovascular Training

​The amount of additional cardiovascular work will depend on where you are at on your fat loss journey and what goals you have.  Strength Training and Metabolic Training may be more than enough for you.  In fact, all that running around may already be enough  for you in addition to the about training.

A great program is customized and planned for your specific movements and needs.  This will allow you to maximize your progress and achieve your goals.

3.  Sleep

Simply put, getting 7-8 hours of sleep ON AVERAGE, can help you to reduce the cortisol levels, the likelihood you will reach for higher carb foods and the risk of being cranky!  While their may be late nights or interrupted sleeping, if you can find ways to get an overall amount of sleep that adds up to 49 hours a week or so, you will begin making a huge difference in taking your body back.

4.  Get into Community

Lean into those relationships and people that are positive and are willing to build into you and you can do the same in return.  It is critical that you have people that will lift you up when you need it, keep you accountable when necessary, but overall will love and support your throughout this process.

Dropping a dress size is not an easy process and won’t happen overnight.  By taking these steps you can begin to get on the road to achieving your goals and prioritizing yourself without feeling selfish, and start fitting into some new (or old) clothes!

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