You’re a runner. 

Heading out to hit the pavement for miles at a time are a release for you (most of the time).

You love the challenge of preparing for a 5K, half marathon or marathon.

You are constantly striving to improve your times.

You ARE A Runner.

If you are like most runners, you are also constantly dealing with some sort of pain or nagging physical issue.


Statistics show that more than 50% runners in the world are injured annually.*

All of those foot strikes.

The constant pounding takes a toll on your body.  If you are not prepared for it, you can end up injured as well.

Here’s how you reduce your risk of injury.

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Functional Strength Training.

I get it, you don’t want to get bulky and lifting weights might not be your priority. 

But, here are 4 ways strength training will make you a better runner.

  • Reduce pain by reducing structural weaknesses
    • Strengthening Hips and Glutes can reduce Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (Runner’s Knee).  Tight or weak hips/ glutes lead to issues down the leg resulting in knee pain.  Focusing on improving hip mobility and strengthening the glutes can significantly reduce the risk of knee issues.
    • Improving Balance can lead to greater stability in a single leg posture, which will lead to fewer compensations and more efficient running.
    • Reducing pain can also improve your gait, which will allow you to run more efficiently and not change your stride due to injury.
  • Improved Posture
    • Training the core (all the core, not just abs) can lead to increased breathing efficiency.  Controlling your posture can improve your breathing and reduce back pain, which will make your runs more efficient.
  • Run Faster
    • The stronger you are, the more force you are able to put into the ground, which will allow you to finish races faster and crush your personal records.
  • Overall Physical Improvement
    • Strength training will increase your energy to allow you to train and live better.
    • You will develop a stronger metabolism , which can lead to less body fat, better body composition, which can make it easier to run and reduce the overall impact on your body.

Running is a great way to challenge yourself.

It can also be a pain.  Don’t let your love of running be dampened or diminished because of injury.  Begin a strength training program today and start setting some new PR’s.

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*Overview of running injuries of the lower extremity.  Callahan, Uptodate, May 10, 2016.