We often look at problems, issues in our work, families, or life as a bad thing.

We are constantly trying to avoid the bad.

I get it, you don’t want things to go wrong.

We don’t want to incorrectly answer a question, we want to get it right the first time.

We don’t want to look like a fool in this information age.

The truth though is problems can be beneficial.

They can create the opportunity for a beneficial rearrangement.

What we desire is not less problems, we want better answers.

We don’t want an easier path, we want a better one.

Getting it wrong means a couple things.

1.  We are trying new things.

2.  We are willing to step out of our comfort zone.

One of the phrases I have grown to appreciate is, “Make New Mistakes.”

The process of trying new things and stepping outside of our comfort zone is very, well, uncomfortable.

We seek to stay in this bubble that is safe and will prevent us from looking like we don’t know.

Honestly, sometimes we don’t know.

If we know what we don’t know, we can change it.

Think about being in school.

I hated having to “show my work.”

It was boring and tedious.

But in reality, getting the answer right, is only part of the equation.

The real challenge, is mastering the process.

Can you learn to not only get the answer correct, but understand the steps that it took to get the answer.

Now, think about weight loss.

We know what the answer is.

Eat better, exercise more.

But the real success happens when you master the process.

Mastery looks like taking small steps every single day.

Eating Your fruit and vegetables, protein and doing so in a manner that is matches your body.

The path isn’t easier, but it’s better.

It will help you live a longer life, have more energy and be able to do the things that you want to accomplish.

You fact that you are not where you want to be in an area of life provides you with the opportunity to grow.

Maybe your kids are struggling in a certain area of life.

Our jobs as parents is to not provide them with the answer, but help them understand the process.

We don’t want to give them the answer to the math problem, we want them to learn how to understand the steps to getting the answer.

We don’t want them to just know an answer, we want to teach them how to process the question in a way that they will FIND the answer.

If we do that, we will help them think in a way that will help them create a solution to this current scenario, but also think enough to create a better outcome to another problem.

We are creating the opportunity to walk down a better path.

So, don’t run from problems.

Run to them.

They can lead you to a better life, if you let them.