I’m sure this has never happened to you.

Shoot.  I just wasted 20 minutes on Facebook.

Now I’m gonna be late.

I don’t have time to do my morning routine.

I don’t have time for breakfast.


Now I’m late for work.

I forgot my lunch.

Guess it’s fast food again.

I’ll make up for it later at the gym.

I feel sluggish.

Afternoon moving sloooooowwwwww.

Shoot, I didn’t get my work done.

Now I have to stay late or take it home and do it.

Guess I don’t have time for the gym.

I’ll make it up tomorrow.

Don’t feel like cooking because I have to get this work done and kids have homework.

Let’s order out.

I over ate.

I feel gross.

I’ll make it up tomorrow at the gym.

Going to the EARLY class to start the day off right.

But I have to get the (fill in your house chore or work) done.

Going to bed late.

{Next Day}

**Alarm goes off at 5 am.**

I’m not going to the gym.


Let’s check Facebook…

If we TRULY want to LIVE our lives, then we have to prioritize.

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