I love taking pictures.

It has become one of my favorite things.

Capturing moments is important to me.

Moments with:

My Family



Things that move my soul

It’s a matter of documenting something that I don’t want to forget.

Taking pictures has become a new (and easier) way of taking notes.  I have also always been a huge fan of taking notes.  I want to remember what someone said.

Now, with my amazing iPhone, I can take a picture and it will not only help me remember something, but it will help capture the context within which I want to remember it.

I was on a call this week with some business owners and my coach said something that I thought was intriguing.

We were talking about reading books. (Which I just wrote about also Click Here to Read)

He said sometimes, we really need to remember, more than we “learn.”

I think this is true.

We are so task oriented now, that we often don’t take the time to go back and remember the things that stirred our soul or minds.

We read a book, watch a documentary, listen to a podcast and are stirred by something.

We let it sit in our brain for a bit, then we move on, soon forgetting what it was that moved us.

I have stacks of notebooks and books, a phone filled with pictures and video, but rarely do I go back and revisit the moments I wanted to capture.

I want to continue to learn new things.  I love the new and shiny!  It challenges me to grow.

But also, I want to remember what I once thought was so important.

Achieving tasks are great, but often they come at the expense of truly learning.

I have a tendency to pursue new certifications all the time.  Which I learn a ton from.

But, right now, I am feeling like I need to schedule more time to go BACK through all the things that I have done before in order to not only remember what I learned before, but master it.

We are so consumed by information.

We can have almost anything at the touch of a button or by asking Siri or Alexa.

But, sometimes more information is not the answer.

Our culture tends to value information over comprehension.

It’s time to start going back through the things we have already experienced to truly appreciate what we have, remember what is important and become a master of one rather than a jack of all trades, master of none.

Sometimes, we need to slow down, and go back through what we already learned.

If you’re like me, you have a phone full of moments that you captured.

Go back through them and enjoy.  Let those memories wash over you taking you back to that moment.

If you have a book that challenged you, reread it.  Soak in the things that you thought were important so you don’t forget.

If you have a notebook or journal, go through those pages and read them again.

If you thought it was important enough to write down, then you should probably revisit it.

Become consumed by the important things.


Don’t forget them.  They are what matters.