I put myself out there.

I write and post about the things I am learning.

I don’t have all the answers.

I don’t pretend to.

But, I have found more often then not, then things I am going through are the same or similar to others.

Taylor Swift was right.

Sometimes, the “Haters gonna Hate, Hate, Hate…”

I find it so interesting that criticism is so easily thrown at those that are putting themselves “out there”.

I have a coupe friends that have started really putting their work out there.

One of them took some serious arrows this week.

Someone they don’t know decided it was important to verbally attack them on Facebook.

Ah Facebook.

So great.

Also so filled with hate.

So many “experts” are out there.

They know it all.

It’s truly amazing!

A funny thing happens when you start delivering content online.

You often receive a lot of support.

That is great!

It feels good to have affirmation.

Then comes that one person, whose sole job is to harpoon your work.

Unfortunately, 100 compliments don’t lift up as much as 1 attack pulls down.

At least in the beginning.

This quote is something that really struck a chord with me this week.

“The best the timid can hope for is to be unnoticed.  Criticism comes to those that stand out” -Unknown

Timid people are brave, when they can hide behind a computer.

They have all the answers.

You’re wrong, they’re right.

I used to do a lot of double takes when I would put out content.

I would think,

“Is this exercise demonstration PERFECT?” (hoping to avoid critiques)

“Is my spelling completely correct.”  ( the grammar police is real)

“Is my hair perfect for this video?”  (ok, that’s never been a concern of mine!)

But then, an amazing thing happened.

I stopped caring.

Not because I’m cold hearted.

But because I realized that there is a purpose to my work.

It will help someone.

I stopped focusing on HOW MANY someone’s it will help.

And started focusing on doing my best work.

Talking about what I’m learning.

Giving hope to ONE PERSON.

I don’t know who that 1 person is.

But I know they are out there.

I know they need help, inspiration, motivation, tips…

I also know, there is a good chance someone will critique this.

I don’t “write well”.

This idea has “already been talked about”

Someone has a “better answer” than I do.


If I cower, they win.

If I cower, someone else will lose.

If I cower, I will know it.

So, I’ll take the arrows.

Bring on the criticism.

Because I’m gonna be the best me I can be.