Why Young Athletes Need Strength and Conditioning 

  1. Every week we have to teach 10-15 years olds (who play sports) how to SKIP!
  2. Our physical education system is not enough anymore!
  3. Kids start playing organized sports before they can read without regard for how they move.
  4. Sports alone do not develop the fundamental movement skills we need as humans
  5. ACL Tears occur 200,000 times per year with young females 4-6 times more likely to tear then males.
  6. Young athletes often lack body control and awareness
  7. Classrooms have chairs and kids sit in them for extended periods of time, daily.
  8. Xbox, Playstation, iPads and more

I am a HUGE fan of athletics.  I believe in competition, camaraderie and developing the ability to handle both winning and losing.  The lessons that sports can provide are invaluable in my book.  But, we have developed a culture of constantly playing games.  More teams and clubs, without allowing our kids to develop the fundamental abilities they need to move well.

It is critical for athletes to take time away from the field or court to develop the foundational tools that will help them succeed.  Strength and Conditioning programs allow athletes to build a solid foundation, upon which their ability to play sports is greatly improved. Learning how to control and move the body in fundamental patterns will teach them better control.  They can spend time learning the techniques of speed and agility development, while also getting stronger to withstand the rigors of their sport.  They can develop greater power to help them accelerate faster, jump higher and compete at a higher level.

We believe in sports.  We believe they can provide experiences, lessons and friendships that instrumental in how young people develop.  Lessons that will shaped them when they are adults.  But we also believe in helping young athletes become just that, athletes!  Not just a baseball, football, soccer (or fill in your sport) player.  Being a better athlete will increase their ability to succeed, regardless of their sport.  There is a difference…

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