On Monday, November 15th, we will be transitioning our adult programming into a traditional Semi Private Personal Training format.

The majority of what we do will remain the same, but we will have a few changes to how our program is structured going forward.

We have attached a link to a video talking about the changes and included an FAQ’s sheet to detail the changes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  You can follow up in person or reach out via email to Theresa at [email protected]

We look forward to continuing to provide you with transformational coaching on your fitness journey.


  • Why the switch?

Our goal is to provide TRANSFORMATIONAL coaching to every client.  Our current model does not allow us to do that as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Rather than continuing to provide programming that looks different just for the sake of being different on a “sheet” we want to confidently coach each person and get the best results out of each session.

  •  Will I still have a customized program?

Absolutely, We still want you to do the correct movements for how you move and for specific goals.  We have used a “template” approach for programming writing that segmented out the right exercise for you, now we will be able to do so in a more organize fashion.  

  •  Without a sheet, how will I track my progress?

We are so excited about this!  We have partnered with a digital platform that will allow us to keep track and more accurately record individual progress!  This is a huge advantage of having to reflect back on previous paper programs.  

  •  Is this a “different” style of training?

NO!  We currently utilize functional training and will continue with that model.  We have always programed around 7 fundamental movement patterns (push, pull, hinge, etc).  This change will allow us to design better programs and provide you with better results.

  •  How is this different from previous POD Training?

POD training was created with previous mitigations in mind.  Although this was a good option in that time, Semi Private Training has the ability to customize and personalize each movement and more accurately coach each movement pattern. 

  • Why is this better?

We truly believe it is!  We are 100% committed to getting you the BEST results!  This change will be providing more opportunities for additional training times and allow us to organize our staff better to serve your needs and help you to achieve your goals.  We will also be able to better support and coach each client along their full journey will providing additional (free) services of one Inbody scan per month and a group nutritional coaching group.  

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