So, it’s over.

2+ months worth of work.

Good times, frustration, learning and growth.

What an incredible event put on by Family Counseling Services this weekend at Giovanni’s.

We were blown away by your support, encouragement and cowbell ringing!

This past few months have taught me a number of things.

Here’s what I learned.

1.  Step out of your comfort zone, continually.

When we were nominated for Dancing with the Rockford Stars, the first response was “Absolutely, let’s do it!”

Well that was my response.

Theresa was a little more apprehensive.

But, after the first night of “practice”, i found out that I was way out of my league!

Dancing is hard.

Dancing with your wife is hard.

Learning to dance, while trying to learn how to lead your wife who is learning to dance and is Type A all the way is REAL HARD!

We had many frustrating moments.

I love to learn, but I don’t always love the moments when I learn.

I am much more of a hindsight kinda guy.

So, the first few weeks really took a toll on Theresa and I.

She was trying to enjoy the moment.

I was trying to perfect the stupid dance.