Here 2 keys to improving sport performance.

  • Prepare athletes for how they move during their sport
    • Multiple Directions
    • Planes of motion
  • Utilize Variety
    • Utilize Complex Movements
    • Strength Training
    • Plyometric Training

Sport Movements

 Preparing an athlete for sport is simply about helping them do 2 things.

1.  Reduce Injury Risk

We can’t pretend like injuries in sports aren’t going to occur.  We can however, take significant steps to reduce injury risk.  Testing and evaluating through a Functional Movement Screen provides a great baseline to find out what patterns and movements are suspect and which one’s are creating compensation.  By incorporating the Functional Movement Screen and the corrective strategies utilized with it, injuries, such as ACL tears, can be reduced by as much as 74%.


a. Movement Efficiency

b. Plyometrics

c. Balance Training

d. Strength Training (with correct Technique)

e. Teaching Landing Strategies

  2.  Increase Athletic Performance

Training to increase performance is all about improving skills that help athletes run faster, jump higher, play stronger and react better.  Athletes are not bodybuilders, weightlifters, or powerlifters.  While we may incorporate pieces of each of those styles, it is essential that we vary load and speed in order to best prepare them for performance.  Here’s how we do it.

Varying Loads and Speeds

Building Strength

  • Strength training is key to increasing the Rate of Force Development
  • Provide a more confident and capable athlete
  • Allows the athlete to withstand the riggers of a game

Training for Power

  • Power is the expression of speed and strength
  • Allows athletes to become more explosive

Utilizes (click words for video demos)

i.   Plyometrics

ii.  Resistance Training

iii. Olympic Weightlifting

iv. Ballistic Training

  • Utilizing Complex Movements

Incorporates the whole body and requires coordinating movement patterns.

i. Deadlifts

Single Leg Deadlifts

ii. Cleans

iii. Squats

Front Squat

Athletic Performance is a process and a system.  It is imperative that athletes develop movement efficiency first, then begin to walk through the systems of Power, Speed and Strength Development.  Utilizing these steps, can create a significant advantage.

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