I took a 2 hour nap yesterday.

Yes, on a Monday.

It saved my day.

Combine that with a rare Tuesday morning off, and it made for a magical 24 hours of rest.

This, after coming off of multiple rough sleeping nights and early morning wake-ups to work on projects.

I am guilty of not following my own advice.

Go to Bed.

Sleep 7 hours.

Be rested so you can perform your best.

I often fly by with 5 hours.

That is ok, for a bit.

I believe life is less about balance.

I also believe there is a time to sprint and a time to rest.

Unfortunately, I often sprint a lot and don’t rest enough.

Craig Ballantyne wrote a book called the perfect day formula.

In it, he describes setting constant patterns that lead to overall better quality of sleep.

Like anything else, MOST of the time, we can pattern ourselves into better sleep.

Precision Nutrition has a great infographic that will help you achieve better sleep outcomes.

It starts with establishing consistent patterns both in the morning and at night.

Click Here to Read.

I often don’t go to bed because I have “so much to do!”

In reality, there will always be things to do.

What I have been working on is prioritizing my day in a way that allows me to:

Get more done throughout the day.

Rid myself of the small things that aren’t priorities.

Start delegating the things that other people can do better than I can.

I’m not superman.

Even though I try to be.

I have to continue to get better at being productive on my priorities and stop sweating the small things that don’t matter.

I also need to put my phone down at least an hour before bed.

I continue to work on not hitting the snooze button.

Wake up when you get up.

I need to release my stresses by writing them down or talking to someone about them BEFORE i get in bed and think about them for an hour.

I need to set a consistent bed time.

Sometimes, we need to seek more help in getting to sleep.

There are legitimate medical concerns that deserve professional attention if you are not getting consistent sleep.

But, I believe that we also need to check ourselves first to make sure we are putting ourselves in the best position to get rest.

Read the infographic.

See where you can get better.

Build patterns.

Prioritize the important.

And get some sleep. (Aim for 7 -8 hours)

If you consistently do that and are still struggling, then schedule some time to get help.

Sometimes, though you need a 2 hour nap.

On a Monday.