Semi Private - Custom Training Sessions

$79 Two Week Trial
Pay one time $79 Enrollment that includes:
A Functional Movement Screen
A Functional Fitness Assessment
Access to our Online Calendar (35 hours worth of access)
Certified Coaching
A Custom Written Plan for You
A Fun, Friendly, Motivating Environment!

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Individual Membership

12 Month
$199 Per Month
($13 Per Session)

3 Month
$249 Per Month
($15 Per Session)

10% Paid In Full Discount

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Couples Membership

​12 Month
$298 Per Month
($10 Per Session)

3 Month
$325 Per Month
($10 Per Session)

10% Paid In Full Discount

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​​Family Membership

12 Month
$375 Per Month
($6 Per Session)

3 Month
$425 Per Session
($7 Per Session)

10% Paid In Full Discount

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$79 Enrollment Includes:
- Funtional Movement Screen
- Fit 3D Scan
- Access to the Movement Calendar


Program Design

Nutrition Consultation

Measured Success

Each and every client is created a custom program designed to meet each clients specific needs and result driven goals. 
We believe in measurable success.  Each member is given access to our Fit 3D scanner providing a 360 - 3D body composition.  
Regular strength training is only one componet of a successful lifestyle. Nutrition is key to making long term sustainable changes.

Online Calendar



Flexiblity is key!  Our online calendar allows you to book from any of our 36 unique training sessions each week.  
"If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together"  Our Movement Family loves to encourage and motivate each other. 
Not only do we have experienced, certified trainers, but they truly care and are passionate about meeting each client where they are in their fitness journey. 

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